Useful Resources

There are a huge number of resources on the web about the COVID-19 Pandemic, some more useful than others.

  • The Covid Tracking Project is the only source I’ve found to date that provides reliable, state-level data about Testing and Positive Testing Rates (“Positivity”) that you can easily download to a spreadsheet or GIS system. With so many states now manipulating Confirmed Cases (see this post), imo it’s essential to analyze Testing Trends before looking at “cases”.
  • COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University is the “gold standard” for reporting about Confirmed Cases. Data is available at the county level, state level, and for most countries in the world. Unfortunately, confirmed case counts are being manipulated by many states, so it’s no longer as useful as it should be if data standards were being enforced by the CDC.
  • Florida COVID Action is the only reliable source of data about Florida, now the epicenter of the Pandemic in the US. Built by Rebekah Jones, the data scientist fired from the Florida’s DOH when she wouldn’t agree to change the numbers to go along with the governor’s reopening plans.
  • Covid Act Now is the only site I’ve found that provides information about tracking and tracing. Click down into the state details page to get a statistic for percentage of Contacts traced. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, time series or trend data is not downloadable.
  • CDC Excess Death Tables. The CDC has been muzzled and politicized, but there are still good scientists working there trying to do the right thing. The Excess Death Tables are way down in the weeds, and so far seem to have escaped castration.
  • County Health Rankings isn’t a source for COVID directly, but if you need any background information about a county or state jurisdiction, this is an amazing resource. Get recent info about demographics, health insurance coverage, and factors affecting health, covering the entire US at the county level.